Posted by: penpatience | February 23, 2012


Each person has a voice that is distinctly their own. However, I didn’t realize I had a personal writing voice until I studied the writing craft.

 As a grade school student I grappled with the 3 R’s, wrote numerous book reports in high school and penned various term papers in college. The emphasis during these years was proper punctuation, accurate spelling and sentence structure with the ultimate goal of achieving good grades in assigned work.

During my business career I wrote employee manuals, policies and procedures, safety bulletins, correspondence and other assignments that fell into my various job jars using the voice that was specific to that work related responsibility.

I always wanted to write fiction and non-fiction stories and articles. A voracious reader, I devour favorite magazines, and books of many genres that attract and pique my interest. As a reader/writer who has avidly turned pages of a good book, it’s my goal to emulate work that has left me giddy, enthralled, spooked or feeling good when I reach the final chapter.

It’s a challenging task meeting the expectations of different publications, editors, and readers. When I first began my writing journey my personality and life experiences contributed and enhanced my work. While I continue along the writing trail, I know my voice will change and grow with continuous writing experiences. My ultimate goal is to develop a writing voice that sings loud and clear, in perfect pitch, on key with a rhythmic beat—and never gets lost in the chorus.

I am pleased to announce that as of this posting, I am a published author.  A separate page offers a brief list of published work.  Listed below are writing voices of authors that inspire me. I continue to read and enjoy their work:

James Lee Burke, Michael Connelly, Janet Evanovich, John Grisham, Carl Haissen, Laura Hillenbrand, Iris Johansen, Harvey Mackay, James Patterson, Jody Piccoult, Colin Powell and Jessica Walls—and too many more to mention here.


  1. Hello Gaye,

    I found your lovely blog through the LRWG newsletter. Do post more often than monthly. Your experiences and thoughts about your writing and publishing adventures will be so valuable to all of us.

    Best wishes for your continuing success.



    • Suzanne,
      Thank you for your kind comments. You are the second person that advised I “muse” more than monthly. I will definitely try to do so and appreciate the feedback.
      The next topics I may working on are musings on “rejections” and why Iremember resumes.
      Best wishes,


  2. Good luck with the blog. Zackary Richards from our writers group has also started a blog at: Author Zackary Richards

    You might want to check it out, and I’ll tell him about yours.



    • Hi Winifred,
      Thanks for your comment and the information on Richard Zachary’s blog. I will check it out and look forward to seeing the writers group in the spring.
      I also see you have a website and I look forward to reading yours.


  3. I enjoy reading how you got to where you are at today. Sorry it has taken me so long but I’m here now. Much luck with your writings. I can see you becoming a popular author soon.



    • Hi Frank,
      Thanks for taking the time from your own new business venture to respond to the blog. Stay tuned, the March blog will be available within a day or two.


  4. Hi Gay,

    It was interesting to read all about you getting started and all you have done. I didn’t know all this. You are doing a great job, keep it up.



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