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 NEWS: “Edythe With A Y,” my non-fiction short story is scheduled for publication in the quarterly-April,May,June 2012 issue of The Storyteller Magazine.  Information available at

“Tattered Rose,” my fiction short story is pending publication in the quarterly-July/Aug/Sept 2012 issue of The StoryTeller Magazine. Information available at

MAY 2012 Musing


 By Gaye Buzzo Dunn

Some nights I wake up around 4:00 AM not knowing if it’s my kidneys screaming or churning mind that wake me.  I rise, take care of the kidney issue hop back in bed. A few minutes later, I’m up again walking over to pen and pad left on my dresser top.  I jot down jumbled thoughts that have niggled in my mind scribbling them in darkness  Satisfied, I return to bed knowing I haven’t lost those fleeting thoughts that surged through my restless brain.

When I left behind a well-loved business career, I became a reluctant participant in the over fifty group.  While business writing responsibilities resided in my job jar for many years, inspiration was missing. However, I realized these previous writing experiences were an invaluable resource while I traveled along a writer’s uncertain path.

For me, writing is like walking on a mountain trail tripping over twigs and loose rocks hoping not to fall. However, when I stumble upon a clearing with a breathtaking view, creative and elusive juices sometimes begin to flow. However, there are times I stare at the computer my mind blank—no words come. When this happens I put on my sneakers, headphones and take a walk. The aerobic exercise raises my spirits, empties my mind allowing unbidden thoughts to worm their way and lodge in my head. Re-energized, I return to try again.

I continue plunging down the writing trail knowing that magazine markets and the publishing industry are in flux. Technological changes have produced electronic reading devices, E-magazines, social media and websites. These new changes can be daunting for writers, but thank goodness for change. Without it, I’d still be scrubbing copy errors with a pencil eraser and pushing down keys on a typewriter.

I embrace the old and the new—the snail mail, hard copy, electronic submissions, I-pads, Nooks and Kindles.  My thought is thata great story or article delights and enlightens in any media—past, present or future.

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