Posted by: penpatience | August 5, 2012


Check out my article,”Miss-Hits Happen in Golf and Writing,” at the Writer Magazette link below:


News:  “Tattered Rose”, my latest fiction short story is pending publication mid-August 2012 in the Fall(July,Aug Sept) issue of The Storyteller Magazine.


August 2012- Monthly Musing

 Words haunt me in the night. Sometimes words shake me awake after a frightening thunderstorm. A mother bear protecting her cubs; maternal worries often pop my eyes open.  A story title or challenging ending that still isn’t right may sabotage my requirement for undisturbed sleep to function well the next day. Good writing feedback leaves me too excited to sleep; I watch the glowing dial on the alarm clock until I finally nod off at dawn. A few silent prayers restore and relax me—soon I fall back into an uneasy slumber. However, many times these nightly interruptions bring forth desired results.

One evening a name for a protagonist that had eluded me for days just jelled in my sleepy head. I scurried from bed and wrote the name down on the bedside pad in the dark afraid I’d lose it by morning. Feedback from a submitted, humorous, non-fiction article was returned advising that it was well-written but the ending was a bit weak. Endings floated through my head many a night. A choice between two story titles had me chewing on it like a dog with a bone. Back and forth I went trying to choose between the two titles. I chose one because the looming deadline shortened the choice. The story had to be submitted on time.

I believe other writers may experience this common dilemma—mind overload when a story or article grabs you and just won’t let go until completed to your final expectations. The best part of a finished project is when your finger hits the “SEND” key– relaxation and a sense of accomplishment reign.  Then I sleep like a baby.

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