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DeGrazia-My New Year Inspiration

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January Monthly Musing

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 DeGrazia – My New Year Inspiration – January 2013 Monthly Musing

     Inspiration for my New Year’s (2013) writing endeavors arrived on a late November day in 2012.

     I received a special non-holiday gift from my sister; ornaments depicting artwork from my favorite Southwestern artist, Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia. I discovered DeGrazia many years ago on my first trip to Arizona returning home with my initial reproduction of his unique work.

     Described as “the world’s most reproduced artist,” he is known for his colorful images of Native American children of the American Southwest and distinct Western scenes. He was an American impressionist, western-pop painter, sculptor, composer, actor, director, designer, architect, jeweler, and lithographer. DeGrazia was considered unique as an artist; he received criticism in the early days from people who thought his art was no good. Many did not like how he followed his own rules in art and did whatever he wanted. This quote from DeGrazia best describes him:

“I am the sort of painter who must become involved with my subject…

To know it, feel it, and understand it.

I paint alone in my room with music of my choice.

The only light from a harsh 150 watt bulb

No Northern – No Southern

No Eastern – No Western”

     Despite following his own rules, DeGrazia became a great creative painter and humanitarian. He left a legacy as an artist through the many reproductions that have gladdened the hearts and brightened the days of thousands of people around the world. DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun located in a 10 acre National Historic District in Tucson, Arizona has become a Legendary Landmark of Art and Architecture. A visit to his Gallery in the Sun one October day in 2010 left me breathless.

     I identify with Ted DeGrazia when I write. I, too, don’t always follow the rules but follow my creative instincts. No, I don’t break rules of grammar and punctuation, but, also a unique artist, I write from my own perspective. I write alone sans music and attempt to get inside the minds and feelings of my characters hoping that readers really get to know each personality in the story.

Ted DeGrazia said, “As I paint a magic goes into some paintings. I don’t talk about it because people may not understand. But I really feel the magic.”

When I write, I feel DeGrazia’s magic too.

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