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Writers’ Words:  “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”

—Stephen King




I never realized that before I pursued my dream of becoming a writer, I already was one. Often during my former business career, I initiated and wrote various newsletters, notices, bulletins and manuals. Although these projects were work related, it was one of my responsibilities that I truly enjoyed.  Recently while cleaning out drawers and old files, I found one of the many monthly bulletins that I wrote during my tenure as a Human Resources Manager/Director. I named this publication, “The Winning Edge” and wrote it for company employees with the hope the newsletter would provide both upbeat and useful information.

An excerpt of one favorite bulletin titled “Food for Thought:”

“Success is not a pie, with only so many slices to go around. The success of others has nothing to do with your success.  Nor is your success measured by what others say or what others accomplish. We all have the tendency to compare ourselves with others. But the happy people in this life know it’s not against others that we compete.

The late Henry Fonda once said that a thoroughbred horse never looks at the other racehorses. It just concentrates on running the fastest race it can.

On our track to success, we have to fight the tendency to look at others and see how far they’ve come. The only thing that counts is how we use the potential we possess and that we run our race to the best of our abilities.” (Source: In the Joy of Working-Dennis Waitley, Reni L.Witt)

I agree with Henry Fonda. I’m surrounded by successful writers whose books and stories consistently make the Best Seller lists. Talented writers in all genres abound. When I sit down to write, I try to forget they exist, and just concentrate on writing a story to the best of my ability. When I substitute my writing pencil for a beloved golf club, the same tenet applies. Just because I’m surrounded by LPGA and PGA champions doesn’t mean that I should throw my club into a sand trap (although I have been tempted:) because my final score for the round is higher.

 I’m passionate about my writing and golf game. Other writers might view the modicum of success I’ve experienced in publishing my work as small. But I view each short story, essay and article that has been accepted for publication as testimony to the hard work and effort that made my project successful. I wish I could say that I play golf as well as I write. I’ve had my good rounds where I’ve experienced some great putts and birdied many holes. And then, there are days when my golf swing is less than stellar. However, I do know passion, perseverance, and practice will improve my game. My favorite golfers inspire me: Tiger Woods, Paul Creamer, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and so many others.  But I don’t think of them when I’m on the tee box. I concentrate on getting the ball as close to that formidable flag waving at me from the green.

 I believe someday one of my stories will be published in a major publication. I also believe I may still get that hole in one—the coveted Ace. I’m a racehorse running my own race and that’s what gives me the winning edge.

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