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Writers Words: “If writing seems hard, it’s because it is hard.” ~ William Zinsser

                                              NOVEMBER 2013 MONTHLY MUSING


I learned to write in grade school; by the time I reached the middle grades students were practicing penmanship a few hours each week. During these exercises, capital letters always filled the entire space between the two lines on the paper with lower case letters allowed midway between the lines. Letters were connected (later called Cursive writing) not printed as is frequently the norm of today.

 I feel sad that, in today’s era, writing with pen on paper has almost gone the way of the dinosaur—not extinct but often diminished in importance. Our thoughts, ideas, and work-related communications are almost always communicated via computer and through the many forms of social media. Heads are bent at perilous angles over cell phones sending inane text messages:  “Where R U”—and forget the punctuation; it doesn’t exist in this fast-paced medium. Although I embrace and utilize some of today’s new technologies, I haven’t lost sight of the beauty of a card written in Calligraphy, the script a beautiful work of art–a keepsake for sure.

I believe the pen is still a powerful tool and can have a greater impact than the usual typewritten media missile. Consider:

  • Signatures on a hard copy petition–difficult to erase/delete
  • A scrawled thank you note to grandma from her beloved grandson–precious, cherished, saved
  • U.S. Presidents signing laws at the White House— presidential pens in hand

And back in the day of the roaring twenties and sodden thirties, besotted males heralded their undying love to young females by writing poetry and love notes delivered by hand or post. Not long ago while rummaging through some inherited family memorabilia, I discovered a beautiful love letter. It was written (believe it or not) with a fountain pen on thin, white bond paper. I’m delighted to share this writing with my readers (disregard the grammar and enjoy the emotional prose):

“Your Eyes”

Sparkling diamonds of splendor, glowing with ecstasy; ne’er has a sullen or forlorn reflection ever left those fascinating lights of fantasy.  Ever joyous and seemingly thrilling those eyes like rosebuds of June are glorifyingly serene and mellow. Each twinkle, like the evening star is intensely inspiring and filled with jeweled romance of everlasting quietude. Passionate? Profoundly and dangerously so. The lustrous glint can only be compared to hymns and the calm radiance to Venus. Intrinsic brown magnets, those eyes; they awaken my dead soul and set it into a rapturous commotion. Your flashing pupils serve as food which binds your lovable being to me. Enough, e’er my sullen countenance master my beautiful thoughts; but no, your wondrous eyes are too entrancing to be made such an easy prey of. Sweetly enchanting, soft and adorable they arouse my morose spirit and draw out for you everything that is lovable in me. Beautiful gems of oriental savor, twinkling brown iris of Indian transparence, how more can I express this love racked soul of mine so as to impress you that it is my inspiration to forever hold you before my eyes.

Author Unknown

I know technology will continue to evolve bringing us newer, faster, and more efficient communications tools; and that’s a good thing. However, never underestimate the power of inspirational, influential prose that flows from the incomparable pen.

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