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Writers Words:  Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart – William Wadsworth


January 2014 Monthly Musing

2014 -Pen and Patience Recipe for Writers


      I said a fond goodbye to festive gatherings with friends and family and the assorted goodies stuffed into my mouth this past holiday season. Talk about goodies…..?

     For me, the Christmas holiday is a time to bake cookies.  A scratch baker, skills learned under my Mom’s tutelage and example, I can still taste the favorite old-time recipes along with a few new ones tried this year: the usual oldies- Italian  Anise, Chocolate Chip with walnuts, Brownies (not from the box) along with the new  Molasses Sugar ,Chocolate Pretzel, Maple Oatmeal-Raisin just to name  a few. While I chomped on a few leftover cookies and sipped a ritual afternoon cup of tea, I couldn’t help thinking about the similarities between baking and writing.

            Baking spectacular cookies and writing winning prose both take a great attention to detail, require the right ingredients and a passionate, loving hand in blending it all together. However, it’s very easy to fall into baking the same recipes over and over because they’ve been popular in the past. It’s risky to try new recipes with different tastes and ingredients. Who doesn’t like nuts? Who doesn’t like raisins?  Writing may also be hindered by writing methods and ingredients that have worked before; the same genre, the same topics, the same third person point of view—same old—same old.

     How about writing something new– a love story, a science-fiction adventure or a Memoir about a cantankerous family member with a bizarre twist?  2014 is the beginning of a New Year filled with new potential—IF ,as bakers and writers, we take advantage of new ideas and opportunities. It’s my pleasure to share one of my favorite cookie recipes and the 2014 Pen and Patience Writing Recipe :

The 2014 Pen and Patience Writing Recipe:

  • First, whip together in a large mixing bowl one heaping cup of action and the main character.
  • Add one level tablespoon each:  Passion, Perseverance and Patience. Mix well.
  • Add dry ingredients together in a separate small bowl: Point of View (POV), supporting character(s), dialogue, place or setting, ongoing conflict(s). Sift in a scant teaspoon of the following spices: Who, What, Where, When and How.
  • Measure two cups of suspense in a measuring cup.
  • One teaspoon of a new Extract: (different plot twist, etc.)
  • Add dry ingredients with the extract simultaneously with the suspense into the large mixing bowl Mix well or until the dough (story/chapter) is well blended.
  • Knead (rewrite-edit) if necessary.
  • Bake until Well Done. Let the writing project cool before sending it off to the Editor.

PS:  If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Italian Anise Cookie, please respond with your e-mail address via Comments on:

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