Posted by: penpatience | January 1, 2015


DSCF1442Writers Words: “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

–Albert Schweitzer





It’s the beginning of another new year— hope for health, happiness, and prosperity fill our hearts while we ring in the new and say goodbye to the old. After some reflections—a look back on events and happenings experienced during 2014, we look forward to the future with anticipation not yet knowing what might happen in the months to come.

Hope for the future had me musing back to young women of the early twentieth century. During that era, most women married young; they looked forward to happy outcomes by finding suitable mates and having children.   Females approaching marriageable age often had Hope Chests; chests made of aromatic cedar or oak where they stored fine linens, embroidered towels, candle holders, Grandmother’s inherited good china and other sundries. While I sat and contemplated young ladies’ limited opportunities of the period, I pondered how many hope chests were abandoned in despair when hope-filled young ladies and filled hope chests remained unclaimed. And what about that renegade, forward-thinking female who wanted none of stifling tradition and at the risk of being called an old maid, rejected marriage and the hope chest in pursuit of a more liberated future? Foretelling the future was easier during this age— young women had fewer options that influenced their prospects.

Today, many people attempt to seek knowledge in advance wanting to know what will happen before it becomes a “fait accompli” ( a thing/event that has already happened).The daily horoscopes offer assistance to believers who want to peek into daily projections. With the number 10 forecasting the easiest day, and 0 the most challenging, advice abounds under birthdates astrological signs. I checked my horoscope one December day (under Aries). The day, rated an 8 on the scale, meant I should have an easier day, suggested watching for hidden agendas and unexpected news would change my options. A further suggestion was to listen at keyholes (interpreted by me to mean snooping). However, my day wasn’t easier because I spent most of it undergoing an outpatient procedure; my mind a bit foggy from anesthetic recovery. I had no time to snoop in other folks business at keyholes although I did overhear a few patient’s aches and pains. However, the unexpected news that potentially changed my options was medical advice to lose weight. A chart was produced with height, weight, B.M.I., etc. that I took to heart and decided to begin a weight loss program–a healthy way to begin the New Year……!!!

And, if you are an individual who wishes to look into that crystal ball and learn more about what the future may hold, Psychics, gifted professionals who possess enhanced and differing abilities, reside in the New York State- Capital Region and around the world. I recently Googled “psychics” and a long list followed including a New York psychic, Ann Fisher; a psychic I visited many, many years ago. Ann Fisher ( is a nationally acclaimed psychic, psychologist, hypnotist, teacher, medium, and author.  What I found heartening after reading the referenced website was Ann Fisher has worked with police departments in solving various homicides and cases involving missing persons. She has helped people address chronic conditions through specialized hypnotic therapies including a quit smoking hypnosis. When I recall that long ago session, one of the items within the discussion did come to fruition—three years later!

However, whether you choose the present “wait and see” approach or decide to  courageously venture a peek into the unknown, my fervent hope for all my readers is Peace, Health and Joy in this New Year 2015.


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