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NOTE: “A Lady of the Light,” my non-fiction article, is scheduled for publication in the November-December 2015 issue of the Lighthouse Digest –

WRITERS WORDS: The harder the conflict the greater the triumph – George Washington




October 2015 and already the 2016 presidential election chaos has begun. Unfortunately, we all are held hostage to pre-candidate posturing, name-calling, finger-pointing, mud-slinging from potential aspirants vying to attract the American public’s attention and that coveted vote.  And the election is still over a year away-SHEESH!

While aspiring contenders are roaming about the countryside pressing the flesh, kissing babies, munching hotdogs and hosting roast beef dinners at too many $$ a plate, I mused– Who is minding the U.S. store in their absence?  I reflected on priorities; what happened to government business—getting the job done? Has the daily grind taken a back seat to election hoopla?

I’ve been a conscientious voter since my eighteenth birthday. I believe every American citizen should vote and have their individual voice heard in the election booth. However, the election climate encountered in the fifties and sixties when I first began voting is unlike the chaotic media frenzy we endure today. I recall the “I LIKE IKE” button utilized in the campaign of respected General, Dwight David Eisenhower, who became our 34th President and served from 1953-1961.  I can’t imagine him campaigning in today’s vociferous environment.

By the time the actual election occurs in November 2016, most voters have been saturated with a gross amount of slick advertising, glossy mailers, and other undesirable communications. So much money spent by two candidates who more than likely have enjoyed the accoutrements of the wealthiest segment of American society.  I couldn’t help musing the other day a “what if” scenario. Humor me!

What if candidates running for President were each allowed the same amount of campaign support dollars within a specific period of time before the election, let’s say, $1,000,000 each. Each candidate could use less of the available dollars but NOT MORE. Any remaining dollars would be contributed to a charity of choice. (Yes, I know- what leftover dollars:)  In my mind, this frugal scenario calls for reaching the American public through succinct planning and brilliant, carefully planned strategy.  Kudos to the candidate who could pull it off!

Listed below are a few tips to maintain your sanity in the upcoming 2016 election:

  1. Utilize an answering/voice mail system on landline telephones most often targeted for political intrusions.  Hit delete.  Same for unrecognized/unknown numbers to cell phones. (Check out the Do Not Call Registry or Call-Blocking equipment)
  2. Toss repetitive glossy mailers after receipt of the first one. Daily paper reminders are overkill and fill up recycle bins and dumpsites-a waste of environmental trees.
  3. Do your own research. Look up knowledge, skills, abilities, background, and accomplishments  of all candidates. Make an informed decision.
  4. Watch the televised debates, and other election programs with a jaundiced and speculative eye. Review each individual’s track record, not what they say they will do IF elected.  When the same old jargon becomes overwhelmingly repetitive, there’s always the MUTE button or another media channel of good entertainment.
  5. Many campaigners are photogenic with great oratory skills while others may not possess those winning traits. In my mind, a winning persona does not determine whether a candidate may be great Presidential material with the right qualifications.

However, besides the survival of the often noxious election onslaughts, more important is the fact that each and every American citizen is lucky to have been born, live and vote in the United States, the greatest country of the universe.  I wake up every morning grateful to be living here.

And, although still a year away, I will vote!  I welcome your feedback and comments!


  1. Number 3 should be on billboards everywhere in brilliant neon lights! I love your suggestion. Too bad the PACs would squash that like a sledgehammer on an earthworm. You’ve said what I’ve been thinking since the hoopla started for the 2016 election–over a year away!


    • Thank you Julie….and it continues……Frances


  2. When you were 18 the voting age was 21.


  3. my goodness. I wrote that so long ago, how I wish I was that enthusiastic age again. best wishes. Frances


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