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WRITERS WORDS:   “Tell us a story about transformation…Every story is “the caterpillar and the butterfly.”  – Blake Snyder

COMING SOON – Narrative essay, “The Big Dig,” is pending publication in the February/March 2017 issue of MaryJane Farm Magazine.




     I sang in the high school chorus. I was an Alto and when I attempted to sing Soprano my voice squeaked on the high notes. Lower Bass notes were achievable, but harmonizing in the highest register had me squawking off-key.  At the time I didn’t worry too much about reaching that lofty level; I just enjoyed singing in the range where my voice was comfortably on key. Additionally, I often became annoyed with the many required practice sessions. A young adult at the time, the realization that practice and repetition would result in a more successful performance may have eluded me. However, that old adage, “wisdom comes with age,” is very true and cannot be denied.

Today, I realize if you don’t use your voice, the voice you once had will rust, deteriorate and, perhaps, lose its ability to sing well or at all. Two words come to mind: Practice and Repetition. Whether I speak of a singing or writing voice, without constantly singing or writing, notes and words become sloppy, stale and sluggish. If you want your voice to reach solo status, you must do the work without procrastination. I hear you—easier said than done! Balderdash! Sing or write as often as possible (a shower is a great place to sing and let your mind roam for new writing ideas). On a coffee break, take a pen and pad with you while you sip from that hot steaming mug and hum a favorite tune under your breath….:)

The results of passion and constant attention can be measured in improved singing and writing skills. Perhaps an opportunity to sing a lead might be offered or a long term writing project may come to fruition with an agent offer or short story acceptance; both signs of growth in your singing or writing craft.

I recall my first writer post, “Finding My Voice,” written in February, 2012. I wrote, “While I continue along the writing trail, I know my voice will change and grow with new and continuous writing experiences. My ultimate goal is to develop a writing voice that sings loud and clear, in perfect pitch, on key with a rhythmic beat—and never gets lost in the chorus.”

My singing voice has been allowed to atrophy (on purpose). I was never a great singer. However, my writing voice has grown with hard work, passion and persistence, continual practice, rejecting rejections and some good luck in sending a story to the right place at the right time. I’d like to think I’m now flying solo and have left the chorus behind. However, not one to rest on past laurels, I’m hopeful this New Year will continue to grow my writer voice with continued practice and repetition…..and a lot more good luck.

 Tell me. What new plans do you have for invigorating your writer voice in 2017?

Best wishes for that new voice, new success in your writing endeavors in this New Year-2017.  Be safe!

Badge-FFW-150x150[1]PS. I’m a fan of Hope Clark’s site: Check it out!



  1. Very nice
    Thank you for your post


  2. glad you liked it.


  3. Loved reading this – hope you are well. We miss you at the Wednesday Writing Group. Pat M.


    • Hi Pat,
      Yes, I am well and I do miss the group. I’ll keep in touch from Florida. Look forward to getting together upon my return.
      Happy Writing,


  4. Great advice and sound wisdom. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Hi Will. thanks for the comment. Most every story has some type of transformation. FYI, my latest writing endeavor has been published in MaryJanesFarm Magazine titled, “The Big Dig.”


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