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WRITERS WORDS:  “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson







Winter—it’s not for sissies and definitely not always a wonderland in the most dreaded season for folks living in our country’s northern climes.  We brace ourselves for the onslaught that comes with this seasonal change with some trepidation.  What will it be like this year? Lawn mowers are exchanged for snow blowers, shovels replace gardening trowels and Ice Melt is purchased before the pumpkins shrivel and fall’s leaves are bagged for pickup.  And, baby, it’s getting cold outside.

However, many sports enthusiasts cannot wait until snow falls.  They embrace the season anxious to hit the many ski slopes, snowmobile through snow laden park trails knowing that their favorite hot toddies await their return.  It’s a special time for children of all ages. Bundled up in winter snowsuits, boots with heads covered in warm caps with ear-flaps, they happily glide on sleds, toboggans down local hills and ice skate on frozen rinks and ponds.  What’s not to love?

Well, there’s the challenge of driving in snow covered road conditions during heavy snow storms making commutes a torturous and often unsafe drives.  Snowplows barrel by your driveway after you’ve already cleared the mess and backing up the car. The weather man warns of another “Nor’easter” forecasting potential “mixtures” of sleet, freezing rain, blizzards and blustery winds that pelt exposed skin like sharp, painful needles.  What are winter survival options besides praying for an early spring?

Here are some solutions:

The month of December is filled with good cheer and happy spirits of Christmas and New Year holidays. Families look forward to a White Christmas that also helps Santa’s reindeers navigate  family chimneys. Glad tidings prevail especially after downing Grandma Mildred’s much-loved holiday “punch.”  Tough it out! Winter weather gets a pass in December.

Become a Mini or Maxi “Snowbird” and escape to Florida, Arizona and other warm weather states for a brief vacation or throughout the winter months.  Beach it and hit the golf courses. Note, the number of snowbirds and overcrowded highways have increased over the years.

Take a walk after the streets and sidewalks are cleared. Breath deep and watch your breath visibly fade into the brisk, refreshing air. (I don’t recommend walking in weather below zero and only if your health is suitable for this type of exercise.)

Are you a gardener? This is the season to pore over seed and garden catalogs to plot vegetable and flower garden varieties for next year and decide to replace blooms and plants that didn’t meet your expectations.

Winter is the perfect season to go online and take the A.A.R.P or A.A.A. Defensive Driving Course. New cars have been technologically upgraded and roadways (think roundabouts) have been updated. Drivers of all ages and especially seniors not only become safer all seasonal drivers but some insurance companies recognize this achievement by offering a deduction in their auto insurance premiums. (You’re safer on treacherous roadways and also save $$$🙂

Music lovers rejoice. If the blizzards blow over the weekend, hunker down and cook a special dinner and dessert while playing your favorite tunes and dance around the kitchen.

You’re never too old to build a snowman!

Writers—this is your chance to focus without outside distractions. Grab a glass of your favorite drink, (mine happens to be wine), munchies (cheese and crackers) and cuddle up with a good book or edit a Work-in-Progress manuscript.

So…..Sing along, first verse– LET IT SNOW

“Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we’ve no place to go

Let it Snow- Let it Snow- Let it Snow”

Songwriters: Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn  Copyright: Warner/Chappell Music




  1. Hi Frances! I loved this! I don’t mind the snow and LOVE hunkering down during a blizzard. Icy roads and sleet? Not so much! Thanks for the childhood memories! Hope to see you soon!


  2. Thanks Pat, I hibernate in bad weather although I will be spending a bit of time in Florida this winter…Lord willin’ and the creek dow’n rise.


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