Posted by: penpatience | January 1, 2019


WRITERS WORDS: “Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn NO money.”—Franz Kafka



Are there perks for writers? Yes, I believe perks exist for writers in all stages of the writing craft. However, most often when I muse about writers’ additional benefits my thoughts turn to best-selling authors who have enjoyed national recognition, financial success with support from our nation’s largest publishing organizations.(i.e. James Patterson, John Grisham, Stephen King, etc.)  Many writers may not achieve these lofty goals, but new and established writers do share in a few common perks despite writer status.

Rejection is a special perk for all writers. WHAT!!!! Am I crazy? … No…Think about it! When we first begin writing what we’ve written is sometimes not very good although we think our work is the best thing since sliced bread. Many “newbie’s” and some experienced writers often can’t see the “canker sores” in their works-in progress—a case of “two close to the forest to see the trees” syndrome. I recalled in an earlier Musing, one of my favorite authors, James Lee Burke, had manuscripts rejected a hundred times before he published his first book. These nicely crafted “no thank you s” that bloom like unwanted weeds in online mailboxes can’t help but have various emotional impacts on writers. Anger and disappointment often can be the catalysts to work harder and improve the writing. I believe Acceptance is a Positive Perk that flows from the sea of former Rejections. We don’t get mad—-we get better!

Formerly a business manager, working the day job eight to five on a good day, I had to dress for success in business attire, high heel shoes and nylon hosiery. One of the best perks for many writers is working from home in pajamas, sweatpants, jeans, flip-flops, sneakers, slippers, etc. The necessity for professional or business casual attire most often can be relegated to various writing-related business occasions. Better yet, no stringent eight to five hours apply. A writer can choose to write any hours or days that specifically work within personal family and business commitments. Work hours flexibility is one of the greatest perks for writers.

Most writers are no different than other professionals when it comes to being paid for their qualifications, experience and ongoing writing efforts.  Earning a living as a full-time writer (exceptions-Journalists in commercial businesses, etc) is chancy and difficult especially for new authors and changes in the publication industry that remain in flux even today.  Writers who choose to write content for clients may earn supporting dollars (check out Carol Tice’s site, if interested in content writing. However, I believe in most writers’ heart of hearts, along with acceptance the check in the mail is a most coveted perk.

BUT…I muse, what are the very best perks for writers? Perhaps the intangible ones may reap the greatest rewards:

A friend telephones, advises she really loved reading your latest published story, book, memoir, etc.

You can open a bottle of your favorite wine and drink and type at the same time when your work-in-progress is one step away from the shredder.

You get a warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment when you open a publication and see your work and name in print.

When you get a faraway look in your eyes, mumble incoherently, scratch notes on a restaurant/coffee shop napkin the hubby, boyfriend, sister, brother or best buddy know you’re writing a scene in your head and don’t call the paddy wagon.

You recite a passionate, daily mantra:  “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” to attempt inspiration for the writing project of the day.

Readers & Writers:  Perk Up!  Happy New Year and much success with all your endeavors in this New Year 2019!

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