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WRITERS WORDS: “ Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend, inside of a dog it’s too dark to read” –Groucho Marx





I was afraid of dogs growing up especially large dogs. Leash laws were not legalized at that time and an unfortunate dog fight between two large dogs raging too close to me, knocking me over left an indelible scar.

That said, I love and have devoured dog stories from early youth to the present. Some of my old and new favorites are “Lad, A Dog” by Albert Payson Terhune; “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London; “Marley and Me” by John Grogan; “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron and “The Art of Racing in The Rain” by Garth Stern. Also, a favorite and early TV series dog, Bullet, The Wonder Dog was Dale Evans and Roy Roger’s adventurous savior on Saturday morning programming. I recall many children loved watching the heroic pursuits of Lassie, a famous Collie during that same era. Additionally, I contributed a short essay titled, “The Siberian Queen” published in “Puppy Love 2015,” an Anthology collection celebrating our Canine Friends, by Zimbell House Publishing, LLC.

I note that dogs’ lives today have changed. No longer are dogs relegated to outdoor doghouses (perish that thought!) or put down (euthanized) for diseases and conditions untreatable years ago. Today dogs are beneficiaries of veterinary medical treatments and advances. Most important, dogs are no longer allowed to run loose in many U.S. communities and are usually considered integral family members. I muse. When I spent time in Southeast Florida, it was not uncommon to see pampered small dogs I nicknamed “cheweenies” groomed in hair bows, elaborate collars and pushed by owners in small strollers.

Writers continue to write stories about their favorite pets and there is a tremendous amount of references on dog breeds and behaviors to peruse for these projects. My thoughts often center around huskies mushing in the Annual Alaskan Iditarod Race, dogs leading the blind, therapy dogs assisting and offering solace to the elderly and special needs individuals and “sniffer” dogs trained for military reconnaissance, drugs recovery, locating cadavers and lost individuals. Unfortunately, dogs are sometimes misused and abused, a sad tale in itself, but their rescues could be documented within well-written stories. However, my personal experience is many of our four-legged friends provide unconditional love and loyalty to their Owners.

It may be difficult to achieve dog stories publisher acceptances, however, self-publishing opportunities abound and many have found good homes on Amazon. Also, I note, some published stories (i.e. Marley and Me; The Art of Racing in the Rain) have been made into movies.

About the Golden Retriever dog photo located next to mine. That handsome male dog is my son’s dog. His name is Lancelot and he is a relatively new family member. He is intelligent, loving and already a talented 1 ½ year old pup. We believe he has immense potential but more important, he’s a great and trainable family dog.

One day when Lancelot is an adult and an old doggie, it would be my pleasure to write his story.

DEAR READERS AND WRITERS: DO YOU HAVE A DOG “TAIL” TO TELL AND SHARE? I’d love to read your mini-stories in the Comments!

Here are a few helpful and interesting dog sites:,, and



  1. The dog story that I remember most is “Where the Red Fern Grows”. The first book I read where I cried at the end. Now we need more cool cat stories! There’s a good one I read: “A Cat Named Bob”, if you want to check it out.


  2. Hi Julie, I will definitely check out “Where the Red Fern Grows.” Thanks for sharing that. My daughter has a cat, King Lear, that defies age. I will check out the cat story. Thanks for sharing. Frances


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