Posted by: penpatience | April 1, 2020



  1. Very clever title definitely got my attention. I enjoyed the facts in the article and of course your humor! Our blue light is up.


    • Thanks for the blue light. I’ve got my special T-shirt ready to wear, just need the weather to warm up a bit..


  2. We have coyotes out here. We sometimes hear the blood curdling howls from a pack nearby (at night). It wakes you from a dead sleep . Instantly we jump out of bed and sprint to close the doggie door. Our chihuahuas would be a tasty snack for these night prowlers. As beautiful and sophisticated as the gray wolf is, I think I’ll have to save my affections for some other 4- legged creature at this juncture.. 😳


  3. I understand. Pet dogs are precious. Thanks for responding.


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