Posted by: penpatience | September 30, 2020


WRITERS WORDS: “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and died that distinguish one man from another.” – Ernest Hemingway




Times, they-are-a changing. Actually, lives were dramatically and unexpectedly altered in this year- 2020 leaving many folks with different life challenges and predicaments brought about by, of all things, a nasty looking virus that looks like a round multi-legged ball rolling along hitting and missing folks along its path. How dare it affect our lifestyle and future plans!  Vacations and educational goals postponed, the long- awaited cruise to the Caribbean cancelled, future plans and dreams soaring high in the sky are falling down and hitting the ground with a hard THWACK!

Future plans have dissipated like a spilled bucket of hopes and dreams.  Yes, our “bucket lists” are in danger of being unceremoniously dumped. I muse. The term “bucket list” was actually introduced by the movie, “The Bucket List” released in January 2008. Two terminally ill guys portrayed by Morgan Freeman (one of my favorite actors) and Jack Nicholson (another favorite) meet in a hospital and set out to attempt to do everything on their lists before they “kick the bucket” – in other words-die. Well, Morgan and Jack did not have a pandemic viral disease to deal with, but serious health issues took a back seat while they happily and comedically emptied their buckets.

The assumption is a bucket list will include desires you wish to do before your final Swan Song. Buckets may contain vacation trips, personal goals, fun things you’ve never had an opportunity to try. Perhaps you already have a filled list with hopeful time frames scheduled for each dollop inside the bucket.  The question is: “Should bucket lists made before the onslaught of Covid-19 be revisited for change?” Let’s speak to the pros and cons of dumping existing, pre-stuffed pails and refilling them with ……What!   I’m okay with what’s in the bucket!


·       I’ve outgrown some items on the list. Maybe it’s time for some deletions and a few new additions.  Maybe a new hobby or study to stimulate old brain cells before it’s too late😊

·       Climbing state mountain peaks are now too difficult with an aching back. I’ll hike in my state’s beautiful Adirondack Mountains and Northeast parks instead.


·       Travel plans are not safely feasible in the immediate future, but I can wait until the Virus is conquered and go later. Not to worry…

·       I refuse to dump or reload the Bucket. I’m feeling positive about the future and this too shall pass.

My bucket list is half-empty. I’ve been fortunate in past years to scratch some items from the list.  My decision: I’ve decided to dump the remaining bucket and refill it after the Pandemic is tamed with a vaccine. However, one item is stuck and refuses to dump. It’s a long overdue visit to the Grand Olde Opry and Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. I’m an avid fan of classic, “old-time” country music.  Missing from current country music fare is the loving and the dying, the crooning and the crying, good old banjo and guitar pickin’ that many learned to play from scratch in the boonies, countryside and fields. That said, I enjoy all music genres, but The Grand Ole Opry is a historical site that will remain glued to the bottom.


Readers:  What’s in your bucket list? I hope safety and wellness will be stuck to your bucket bottom…

Gaye Buzzo Dunn






  1. Yes, I agree the bucket items have been slightly rearranged for 2020, but I also agree there are items that are timeless and shall remain in the bucket. Good to know the Opry is a fav. It’s high on many people’s list for good reason. That’s a keeper!
    And spreading kindness and optimism wherever we go, that’s on the list for sure 😊 A+


    • Yes, I agree, on all counts. thanks for sharing…


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