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WRITERS WORDS: “Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, pass no criticisms.”  George Eliot




     Americans throughout generations have love affairs with their pets. Over many, many years the care and feeding of pets have changed through improved knowledge, progressive veterinary care, better nutrition, advanced technology and diversified animal training. What has basically remained the same, most pet owners, especially in this 21st century, love their pets and include them as family.

I muse… and recall a childhood dog, a Mutt (mixed breed😊 named Duke. Duke was the proud owner of an insulated doghouse built by our father and was happily domiciled in the back yard. Winter months found him residing in the warmed back porch. Duke ran free, like most dogs in the neighborhoods (no leash laws or mandatory poop pick-ups) and, God forbid, we fed him table scraps with his dog food for supper. Duke loved pasta sauce. Despite being a formidable, mid-sized black dog, he was a happy, friendly dog. Alas, not all loose dogs were friendly and a violent street dog-fight while I was walking by left me afraid of dogs for too many years. (that story will be written in a Doggie Memoir.)

Fast forward to the present where many cats and dogs are now living in comfort inside owners’ homes. Pet supplies and toys abound. Pure-bred, AKC (American Kennel Club) registered dogs can be an expensive purchase. Dogs/cats, left at animal shelters for various reasons, are well-cared for and available for purchase or fostering on a temporary basis.  Most communities have leash laws and daily dog-walking has been hailed as good exercise for both family members and dogs. Thank goodness, there are now hefty fines if owners “forget” to pick up pet excrement ☹.  Dogs today have become helpmates. They are trained as K-9s sniffing out drugs, bombs, missing people and cadavers. They provide solace to injured military veterans suffering from PTSD and, almost always, bestow unconditional love to their Owners.

Going forward… Do you have a desire to write a short story or book-length Memoir of a special pet in your life? (“The Siberian Queen,” my non fiction story, was published in Zimbel House Publishing, LLCs “Puppy Love” Anthology-2015.) If so, there is an abundance of information on writing Memoir including self-help educational classes, books, workshops and internet programs available. And, not to be left out, a “Memoir Writing for Dummies” publication. A few basic tips:

·       Most folks do not want to read your pet’s life story from birth to graveyard.

·       Read and know the difference between an autobiography and memoir.

·       Choose a compelling event that affected or changed you or your pet’s life or both.

·       “Eye” versus “I.” Readers wants to visualize (show) the happenings versus telling, don’t tell the tale utilizing too many “I s. “

·        There have been a few successful and well-written memoirs narrated by talking pets, but most readers prefer not to read a memoir spoken from a pet’s tongue.

·       Check out some famous dogs and their stories: Lassie, Rin Tin -Tin, Toto, Buck and Bullet, The Wonder dog.

Many publications exist, but the following are a few magazines for Memoir consideration: Memoir Magazine, Modern Dog, My Cats Life My Dogs Life, Good Old Days, Readers Digest, All Creatures.

This grandma recalls a few special family pets:

Deceased: Bella: Black Labrador, Ruby: Yellow Labrador, Trojan: German Shepard, Desdemona, Mixed bread- Shepard, King Lear: Kitty-Cat.

Still barking/meowing: Daisy: Yellow Labrador-harrier mix, Bailey Joy: Black dachshund- papillon mix, Little Man: white/brown chihuahua, Smokey: gray chartreuse kitty-cat, and Sir Lancelot (Lance) Golden Retriever (pictured above).

Each pet has a unique story to tell.  What’s special about your doggie/kitty?


HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY! Always a special day for the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney, forecast. Will it be more Winter days or an early Spring?


  1. Oh yes, pets are precious. I saved the collar of our dearly departed lab and it hangs on our Christmas tree every year. Sparkly silver —fits right in. We think of her every year, and enjoy the ones we still have. I’d collect more if I could!! 🐶 🐕 🐈‍⬛ 🐈 Nice story, well done.👍🏻


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