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WRITERS WORDS: “The sun with all those planets revolving around it and dependent upon it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else to do.” – Galileo






     I grew up in an Italo-American family with a mom and Dad who raised children, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and a grapevine. The vine survived their demise and continues to produce in the same location now tended by their grandson. The grapevine was planted before seedless grapes were developed—So-pooh. They have seeds.  No matter. Grapes are good fruit.

“Grapes are a fruit botanically a berry of deciduous vines of the flowering plant.” (Wikipedia) Grapes are a rich source of Vitamin C and K of the B group. Also, they are an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Grapes are sweet, low-fat, low-calorie. Most of the health benefits of grapes come from the vitamins they contain.  Also, grapes are high in antioxidants, beneficial compounds that may protect against chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. There are approximately 110 calories in one cup of grapes. An interesting note is one seedless grape is 3 calories and one seeded grape is 4 calories.  I muse…whether grapes are unseeded or contain seeds, they are a healthier nourishment than grabbing any processed snack.  And your health, waistline and scale will thank you. Fruit of the vine wins every time😊

You might say, I’m really not fond of grapes… But do you enjoy a nice glass of white or red wine? There are many grape varieties in your favorite glass of wine. Vintners today provide a plethora of white, red wines and blends (i.e. white: Chardonnay and Riesling blend). Yes, there are calories in wine. The majority of calories comes from alcohol-not carbohydrates or sugar (exception sweet wines). A bottle of wine (750mi/25 oz) contains approximately 600 calories. A typical 5 oz. glass contains 120 calories. Calories do not differ very much depending on the type of wine. The amount of alcohol in a glass of wine varies. A light, dry white wine contains approximately 100 calories (85 from alcohol and 15 from carbohydrates.) An example: a glass of Chardonnay would be around 120 calories with 110 from alcohol and 10 from carbohydrates. (Note: a shot of Vodka (1.5oz) contains 100 calories—all from alcohol.)  This grape- eater and wine- drinker usually enjoys plopping a fresh strawberry in a glass of white wine or a purple grape in red wine at dinnertime.

For vine and wine connoisseurs, there are many great vineyards and wine trails to enjoy in upstate New York’ s many regions (i.e., the Finger Lakes) and, of course, California on the west coast (i.e., Napa Valley) and too many vineyard locations to list here. However, many years ago I discovered a new vineyard residing almost in my backyard.  Located on a beautiful 26-acre property overlooking the Helderberg Escarpment is Altamont Vineyard and Winery. The origin history of this successful Vineyard is both interesting and remarkable. There were naysayers who advised “it’s too cold to grow grapes in upstate New York or “the soil isn’t right to grow grapes in Altamont.” Over many years and still today this vineyard and winery continues to be a local success. Check out their website

Cheers to grapes! On the vine or in the wine

P.S. Safety first:  Never drink and drive!

Dears Readers:  April is National Autism Month.  Don’t forget to “Light it up Blue for Autistic children and their supporting families.




  1. I remember that grapevine you write of. It still produces grapes! I enjoy red grapes, and try them frozen too. Enjoyable read! 🍷🍷

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    • I never tried the grapes frozen. sounds good. Next time you visit, we’ll take a drive to the Altamont Winery close by:)

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