“Late Bloomin’ Writer,” non-fiction essay published December 2022 on Writer Advice under the heading, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

“Leticia,” flash-fiction short story-Page & Spine fiction showcase-July30,2021,

“Banjo Man,” fiction short story -Page & Spine fiction showcase-May 10 edition, 2019.

“Cemetery Plot,” fiction short story-The Storyteller Anthology Magazine-September 2016 Quarterly Issue-delayed printing-available

“The Big Dig,” non fiction essay-MaryJanesFarm Magazine-February/March 2017 “Comin’ Up Roses” issue:

“Mabel’s Table,” fiction short story-Page & Spine Fiction Showcase-Friday, May 13, 2016 at:

“A Lady of the Light,”non-fiction article-The Lighthouse Digest-November/December 2015 issue at::

“The Siberian Queen,” fiction short story, anthology inclusion in“Puppy Love 2015” published by Zimbell House Publishing, LLC – April 2015

“Throwing in the Trowel,” non-fiction narrative essay-MaryJanesFarm Magazine-October/November 2014 issue at:

“When the Lilacs Bloom,” fiction short story-The Storyteller Magazine-December 2014 issue:

“I Survived the Climb – By Jupiter,” non-fiction article-The Lighthouse Digest-September/October 2014 issue at:

“What do You Owe Your Audience?,”  July 2014- published in Tiny Lights Monthly Writers Exchange at:

“The Disappearance of Harry Swiftwater,” fiction short story-Page & Spine Fiction Showcase-February 21, 2014:

“What’s the Worst Mistake a Writer Can Make?,” article, published in Tiny Lights Monthly Writers Exchange, January 2014:

 “Road Kill,”  fiction short story published in,TOUGHLITXI by IdeaGems magazine, December 2013:

“Whatever the Cost,” non-fiction contest winner (twenty winners),The Saturday Evening Post- “Tribute to Our Troops” Contest-August 23, 2013. 23rd- edition.

“Side By Side,” fiction short story-Page & Spine Online Magazine-March 22, 2013.

“The Bell,” non-fiction narrative-Tiny Lights (Flash in the Pan) – February21, 2013.

“Love Apples,” non-fiction contest winner-Women’s Memoirs & Recipe Contest-August 2012. One of twenty-five winners.

“Miss Hits in Golf and Writing ” and “10 Questions for Gaye Buzzo Dunn” -Writers Magazette-Annual Volume 6-2013: pages 9 and 24.

“Greenest Grass,” fiction short story-A Long Story Short E-ZINE- January/February 2013.

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“Rain Rain Go away,” fiction short story-Adventures of the Average Woman-Tough Lit Edition (Idea Gems Publication)-August-September 2010.



  1. Hi, I am impressed with your web pages. I really need to learn to do what you have done here. sy


    • Thank you. Please feel free to send me an inquiry regarding your interest.
      Best wishes,
      Gaye Buzzo Dunn


  2. Congratulations on “Mable’s Table” being published. For a short story it was very moving and intense. Kept me involved through out the whole story. Well done!

    Do it again.


  3. I enjoyed “Harry Swiftwater”: Bitter sweet ending. Nice to see you again today.
    Best, Tom


    • Thank you, Tom. “Harry Swiftwater” was one of my favorite pieces. I enjoyed writing it. Good luck on writing flash fiction. Best wishes, Frances


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